Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to save time & frustration buying Life Insurance

We’re all in a hurry. But the old adage, “haste makes waste” really applies to buying Life Insurance.

For example, many people go to an online service to buy Life Insurance and balk at answering detailed questions about their age, gender, health, family health history and lifestyle. They want a quote now.

So they find a source that only asks a few questions, get some quick quotes, choose a Life Insurance company and sit back expecting everything to be fine.

Several weeks later, however, they often discover that the price they were quoted isn’t the price they’ll have to pay. Remember, quotes are simply estimates. And quotes based on very little information, are frequently wrong.

By spending 15 or minutes with your Life Insurance agent upfront to provide all the information he or she needs to give you an accurate quote, you can save weeks of time and frustration pursuing a price you won’t qualify for.

The pioneer in impartial, accurate quoting for Term Life Insurance —and by far the largest independent sales group— is SelectQuote Insurance Services. SelectQuote has nearly 100 experienced, licensed agents and will match you with your best prices from a wide range of highly rated Term Life Insurance companies. There is no cost or obligation for this service.

SelectQuote has exclusive videos of Suze Orman offering impartial advice on buying Life Insurance.

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