Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life Insurance can increase spendable income.

It sounds crazy but it’s true. Just consider this: if something happened to you, where would the money come from for your family to pay the rent or mortgage? Their food and clothing? The car payment? Gasoline? Health insurance? Schooling? Etc., etc.

Chances are if you tried to carve out of each paycheck enough savings to quickly build up the nest egg required to cover those costs, you’d scarcely have anything left to live on.

That’s the glory of Life Insurance — especially Term Life Insurance. Term Life Insurance provides pure protection. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles. But it does allow you to give your family hundreds of thousands of dollars in protection for just pennies on the dollar.

Let’s say you and your spouse are in your mid 40’s. You’re in reasonably good health, your family health histories are good and you don’t hold down dangerous jobs. Chances are you could each get at least a $250,000 Term Life policies for as little as a dollar or two each a day. (The wife’s policy will cost less, because statistically women live longer than men.)

That leaves a lot of money left over for piano lessons and camping trips.

An easy, no obligation way to see how affordable Term Life Insurance can be for you is to contact an independent sales agency like selectquote.com with experienced, impartial licensed agents. They’ll not only help you determine your needs, they can “comparison shop” highly rated companies for your best rates.

SelectQuote has exclusive videos of Suze Orman offering impartial advice on buying Life Insurance.

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